Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hair Scrunchies

Yesterday, when I went to Kamloops, I bought a bunch of wool because Michaels was having a great sale. A lot of fancy wool was marked down from 7.99 to 2.00, heck, even I couldn't pass that up! I even got one of my items for 40% off, although I didn't have a coupon. Apparently it comes out with the "free paper" but I don't live there so the girl said she would give it to me anyway. So one ball of my Lion Brand Thick & Quick was cheap, that of course justified all the other yarn I bought (grin).
Today I tried to loom a scarf with Moda Dea Caché but because it's not really even throughout it did not look good, and I didn't buy enough of this colour to double up. So I decided to whip up a hair scrunchy. I've done this scrunchy using everything from fine doily to cotton yarn and it always looks good. One barely has to know how to crochet (like me) to do this, so if I have some of the terminology wrong please forgive me (and leave a comment to correct me, thanks) :)

Crochet Hair Scrunchy
Using at least a 5mm crochet hook, single
crochet around an Ouchless hair elastic until it's pretty full. Join. Slip stitch into the previous row and crochet 12 chain stitches, (this makes your loop) go to the next single crochet and repeat. Continue doing this until you get back to the beginning, join. Weave in ends. I've done this without doing the single crochet all around and just done the 12 chains stitches but the darn thing twists so bad that I now do the single crochet. I've also added pony beads to the sixth chain, just make sure you load them up before starting and slip them up when you get to where you want them. If you are using a finer wool use a smaller crochet hook.


Anonymous said...

Are those for me? I love them,they do stay nicely even in thinning hair.
Love Ya! lol

JoeBlogs said...

Thats the finest hair scrunchy Ive ever seen on a blog. well done.