Wednesday, February 21, 2007


A read a tip awhile ago, and be darned if I can remember where (sorry) was about buying cheap measuring cups and throwing a set into your flour, sugar, "whatever you measure" canisters. I thought "what a great idea!" (Yes, I get excited over stuff like this). No more trying to find the exact cup I need, having it take up space in the dishwasher after baking, or having all those extra cups in the cupboard when not in use. When I was in Kamloops I bought two sets for 97 cents each and another set for around 2 dollars, can't beat that :)

In the picture you can see I decided to pick up my bamboo knitting needles and knit up a dishcloth. It's called the "Flying Geese Dishcloth" by Vaunda Rae Giberson. You can get the pattern here: The Dishcloth Boutique. The site has knitting and crochet dishcloths, as well as other patterns. I've done a considerable amount of the knitting patterns, including the ones without pictures (I like a surprise once in awhile). This particular dishcloth was a bunch of knit and purls but I couldn't believe how much I had to concentrate! It's been way too long since I've knitted with needles. Or maybe it was just all the interruptions I have throughout the day (ya that's it).

Today I actually got busy...probably because I left my "to do" list on the table last night and sometime this morning DH had added on the bottom "busy little beaver." And, of course, I didn't want him coming home after work asking if I got everything done. You all know how men can be (no I'd best not go there, this post would get much too long). Anyway...the list was long but, surprise surprise, I got everything done! Well all except the yogurt I was going to make, but I might do it after this post :) Even if I don't, at least I got 8 loaves of bread baked and a cake for lunches tomorrow, and the house was vacuumed, and a few loads of laundry, and....and...and...

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Anonymous said...

I have a cup in certain of my different canisters: beans, sugar, flour, and pasta.

I got the tip from my MIL. She has the coolest kitchen ever, it was custom made for her. In her kitchen, she has huge drawers--deep that hold her flour, sugar, popcorn, pasta, and she keeps a cup in each one.

Your dishcloth looks super!