Thursday, April 12, 2007

A walk on the Ranch

Jevan, my 3 year old, and I went for a walk this morning. I ran back to the house and grabbed my camera and ended up with some interesting pictures. Thought I would share :)

Jevan feeding "Quack Quack," the new duck down at the pond.
This duck actually goes up to Grandma's chicken coop every night, I sure hope it doesn't move into mine!

Hungry Quack Quack!

"TEDDY! BLUE! Don't even think about it!"

After feeding the duck we decided to walk up and see some of the girls and their babies.

Ahhhh this is the life.

A few close-ups...what a bunch of hams or should I say hamburgers!

While we were chatting with the girls my father-in-law, "Pops" came along. He was stealing hay from the girls to give to the bulls.

He's really not posing for this picture...I was just snappin' away while he was talking to me.

After company came driving up, Jevan and I went on our way. Next we ran into one of Grandma's roosters; a barred rock, and a few banty hens at the barn.

Barred Rock Rooster watching his flock.

As we toodled along we just had to stop and see the horses but they were so far away the shot is from a distance.

Woody, on the far left, and some of the herd.

And then a quick stop at the corral where we will have our branding in just a couple of weeks.

In the chute...waiting for a calf.

Just before reaching our own yard we spotted an escaped young bull! He was more interested in the green grass than us so we left him alone...but we let Pops know.

I don't see don't see me...

And our last view was our own chickens just getting up from one of their favourite activities...a dust bath.

All clean now!

Then it was back to the grindstone....I hope you had a great morning too!

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Anonymous said...

I swear you have some of the most beautiful children I've ever seen! I so love your ranch in the mountains!!! These are great pictures - the bull would have made me VERY nervous (more like bone melting TERRIFIED!). My favorite shot is the one of Jevan and the dogs at the pond.

You are blessed with some really breathtaking views!