Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter 2007

Colouring of the eggs!
I have helped my children colour eggs for about 23 years and you would think in that time they would make the colour wash off kids' hands with a bit of soap & water! If they can put a man on the moon...(you know the rest).

"Look what the Easter Bunny brought us!"
Okay so they didn't get baskets...when I went to the store they had sold out the day before but I think the little tin buckets do the trick and they will last a lot longer than baskets. To try and cut down on the chocolate they eat I buy individual items to put in their baskets. The Bunny each brought them a very colourful cup, balls, a windmill, a KinderEgg, and one chocolate bunny, and they were both very excited at 7 this morning!!

Time for the hunt!
This year we lost an egg...we have hunted and searched but the Easter Bunny has hid it good! (The Bunny himself, Dad can't even find it! <wink, wink>)

"How many eggs do we have Daddy?"


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. You made my day. I love you all.

Kathleen said...

The tin buckets are just lovely. When my kids were small I moved from baskets to "Easter" plastic storage buckets that they could reuse to store play figures. The buckets can be used for pencils, markers or gardening or whatever. I love multiusing things. Eventually we moved from chocolate to books in the baskets as my kids grew. I love your outdoor Easter egg hunt. It looks like great fun!

Anonymous said...

The buckets are lovely and cheerful! The easter egg hunt looks fun, too. We did one outside with David (my grandson) and he had a ball! He wanted Easter to come the next day, too, so we could do it all again! =)