Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Seedling Pot Maker

Updated pics and tip!
With gardening season starting I've read a couple of post about making your own pots to start seedlings in. You simply wrap newspaper around a jar, pop can, or anything round, I think it's a great idea! But I didn't know this last year and bought a Pot Maker, it has worked rather well. You take a newspaper and cut it into 10 inch by 3.5 inch strips. Wrap them around the Pot Maker and crush it into the base, I'm not sure how you would do this with a jar because it has no base. Fill with dirt and plant your seed. Water and care for your seedling and when you are ready to move to the garden simply plant the pot and all. I bought mine from West Coast Seeds (*see note at bottom of post) for $15.95. If you don't want to shell out the money here's a couple of freebie links: Mr. Brown Thumb and Mary Ann Romans blog. If you want to make something a bit more complex try clicking this!

The "Pot Maker."

When I cut my strips I use a paper cutter and do a whole bunch at one time.
Ready to wrap.

When wrapping leave a bit of newspaper sticking up on one side.

3.5 inch x 10 inch newspaper wrapped and crushed.

Fold over that little flap you made when you wrapped,
your pot will stay together much better!

A pot waiting for potting soil and a seed.

Cherry tomato on its way!

*I'm removing the link to West Coast Seeds because of the problems I've had this year with my order. I submitted an order on March 25 and after 18 days emailed them asking where my order was. After waiting through the next day and getting no response I called them long distance. The first woman couldn't help me but would have someone call me back. The second woman called and didn't give me a good enough reason for such poor customer service. When I said it was getting almost too late to start my tomatoes and peppers she suggested I cancel my order! The only thing that seemed to be unavailable was some radishes so I said to substitute them. She said my order would go out that day. I get an email the next day from another woman stating they are "sorting out orders from the long weekend and my order will go out today." So did it go out yesterday or today? The email didn't even come with an apology, no nothing! There is no excuse for this and I have since searched the web and even placed an order from McFayden Seed Co. Hopefully they have better service than WCS! If you are looking for "The PotMaker" you can type it in google and it comes up with lots of places to buy one :)


Sorka said...

oooh when you are done making your little pots please send that down to me. hehe You know. When I send it back I will need some packing material and yarn makes great packing material!
I will probably pick one up myself If I see one at the store

Looming Laura said...

I was just thinking how I'd like to start gardening. But here in MN we should have 10" of snow by nightfall!
I do love Canada, maybe we'll consider a move! wink

Darcy said...

How clever! What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

What a neat little gadget (I just adore gadgets!) I've been meaning to stop by - life has been a little hectic here! I wanted to wish you a (VERY) belated HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm sorry that you had to spend your day running around from place to place - I hope you found some time to just celebrate YOU! Also, barley groats are simply raw barley (not roasted or cooked in any way and not "pearl" barley). I get mine from a healthfood store here - you don't really find them in regular grocery stores - at least not where I am. If you want some and don't have a source nearby you, I will gladly send you some! Just let me know! =) If you were not concerned with the raw aspect of the crackers, you could possibly TRY the pearly barley...not sure because I've never done it that way!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Ok - I just ordered one of these on ebay!! It isn't Pot Maker brand, but it is exactly like it. It comes with two potmakers in different sizes! I can't wait to get it! =) Thanks for the tip!

Sorka said...

see you influenced me I just popped in a bid on one on Ebay too! My seedlings need a little 'elbow' room

Paper PotMaker said...

Follow the link I posted. You can buy one for 12.95. http://www.seedandgarden.com/store/product/paper-potmaker-1030.cfm

Anonymous said...

Make your own pot maker for $3 :-) and a trip to your local hardware store.

weird chylde said...

Good day, I wonder if you know that West Coast Seed's ownership, location and staff have changed since your post, so it's likely that you won't have the same experience now that you did then. I've ordered from them for years and been very happy with their service! The end of March is a very very busy time for them, in my experience, too. I like to put in my order earlier just to avoid the rush they get around then.
I own a potmaker too and I love it! Worms love newspaper so it really feeds and encourages the worm population in your garden when you use newspaper for pots. My only concern is (not a problem in Canada though where it's legally required to use vegetable based dyes for newsprint) to watch out what type of ink is used in your local newspaper.

Kansas A said...

Thank you for the update weird chylde. Maybe things have changed and I will try them again. I do think that if March is a very busy time for them they should hire more staff and be more stocked at that time of year, being busy is no excuse and, in reality, is what keeps a company in business.