Thursday, June 7, 2007

What the?

Okay this has to be the ugliest moth I have ever seen! It's a fair size too. Yesterday morning this thing was hanging off the screen, thankfully outside. I pointed it out to show Jevan and said "Don't touch it!" Wrong thing to say... I should have known better.
He replies in his matter of fact way "I can touch it Mama," reaching his hand up to grab it. What is it with boys? Must they brave the world even at three and show their manly ways? Do they not think of the consequences? This thing could easily have bitten his finger off! Well it could...well maybe... okay probably not, but still...
I shriek "ahhhhhh!" (Well not one of those high pitched, I'm being chased by a serial killer shriek, but enough that he quickly pulled his hand back... I think to myself "whew that was close!" But the moth flutters a bit and I see something... something that looks... well... almost..... pretty. Are my eyes deceiving me? It was just a quick flash... not more than a second. I'm thinking it didn't move much, maybe it is okay to touch it... I gingerly reach my hand out, prepared for huge gnarly teeth and a nasty bite... I lift his? her? wing aside... and I see it! If you scroll down you can see it too!

See! Isn't that just purdy? Who'd a known if Jevan hadn't tried to touch it? And yes, that is my thumbnail in the picture... I tried using a pen to hold the wing open but that didn't work, and trying to hold the camera in macro mode with one hand is difficult enough, so I braved up like my three year old and just did it! Actually my three year old turned four today!

Happy Birthday "Jevan sent from Heaven", my brave boy :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my boy. A true Angel sent from Heaven to bring cheer, joy,sunshine,love,happiness,hope and yes a (Little Havoc) into my daughters life to keep her young!! It worked, I know he brings delight into every day for all of us. He is a very special little boy.
Loads of Love from Oma

Anonymous said...

oooo, it IS pretty!

Tell Jevan I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!