Thursday, June 14, 2007


The other day we did another river trip to check out the high water. Our "Rock" was nowhere to be found! Yup, completely covered in water, that's the first time I've seen the river this high, although it has been higher, I just haven't seen it. I wasn't able to get a picture because our road leading over was also covered in water. We headed in the other direction and what I did see was cactus in bloom. It's something you just don't see often around here, people have told me they've seen it years ago but, even as a kid, I don't remember it flowering. I just remember staying out of it because if you dared fall in it you were in big trouble.

Today we took another trip down and I'll explain the reason a wee bit down in this post. On the way we saw a nice looking buck standing just off the road from us. Eagle eye Grandma (MIL) was the first to spot it! If you look close you can see the velvet on it's horns. How I wish I had a better zoom, you'll have to take my word for it if you can't see it.

The deer took off up the hill and that's when we saw four of them, all bucks! The second one from the left appears to be the oldest as its what we call a "four-point." Everyone has different meanings but we say it means you can count four points on one side of his horns, not combined.

The reason for heading for the river was a RAK (Random Act of Kindness). A lady, who lives across the river from us, was on her way to pick up her kids from the school bus. She spotted, what she thought was, a Fishery's Truck stuck in the mud. She phoned Grandma, who beeped in on me while talking to my Mom, and was looking for the Fishery's phone number. I finished up my call with my Mom, and then returned my oldest daughter's call. I then threw on better looking clothes, because gardening, the pool setup and bread baking doesn't leave me looking my best and I, most certainly, would have scared someone showing up the way I looked! I then hollered at Hubby, who was down at the shop, that we had to go to the river. We jumped in the truck, grabbed Grandma and found this:

Okay it's not Fisheries but I have to give the woman across the river credit for spotting these guys in the first place. They were stuck, and stuck good. Apparently they had been stuck for a few hours! We have no cell service in our area but I still can't figure out why they didn't radio for help?? And I figured they were embarrassed enough that I just couldn't ask. The two of them were covered in mud right up past their knees! Last Friday this area was completely underwater and has just receded in the last day or two.

Hubby hooked up a chain and started pulling... the first pull didn't work... slacking off on the chain and taking a run at it didn't work either. So, of course, the guys all "huddle" and brainstorm for what seems like 20 minutes. (Take note, Woman don't do this, we are much quicker!). In the end, the driver hooked up the winch which was on the front of his truck, sorta yanked himself sideways and forward out of the four holes he had dug himself into. Then Hubby was able to pull him back without slipping in the mud but he told the driver to put it in reverse and don't slow down, "momentum" was going to get him out of there.

Success! And two very happy Conservation Officers :) Plus one RAK, and I'm a strong believer in "what you give is what you get." So all you Conservation Officers out there if you ever happen to see me stuck in the mud can you give me a hand? Thanks!


Mom said...

Hi Kansas
The flowers are beautiful and yes I remember them well when I was in school there.(way too many years ago.):)

A random act of kindness is certainly not new to you. You have always been there to take someones hand when they need it. You have been a
true "angel" to many. I thankyou! I know you are a true angel in my life. We all need & have angels in our life, and if people listen they will hear them. I have been blessed many times. I love ya kid.

jackie said...

Good job! The world needs more people like you doing RAKs.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! Your mom is so sweet!

I giggled when I read your comment about Women not huddling...I read it to Mark, too (he asked why I was laughing). So true...!

Glad you got the guys out of the mud!