Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Visitor

Today this little gal flew into our house, I think she's a female house finch, we seem to have a lot of them hanging around lately. Hubby rescued her from the window and gently placed her into Sydney's hands. I grabbed my camera (of course) and we headed outside to let her go. She didn't want to leave... not for a full 15 minutes and at least 40 pictures (gotta love digital cameras!). She hung out on Sydney's hand and then mine before flying off above my garden.

Here she is in Sydney's hand.
She was very energetic, jumping a bit and alert so I don't think she was hurt at all.
Maybe she was a young one?

Such a tiny thing... and quit looking at my dirty finger, they get that way from garden season on!


Kansas A. Lillooet BC said...

Testing comment section. I've had an email saying they couldn't post to this blog post... testing.

Oma said...

Hi Kansas. It looks to me like you might have a baby there. Looking outside now I see that we have a lot of them in the garden. It is priceless to watch them do the high wire act on my clothes line. I watch them fly in and out of the nests as well. It appears there are 30 plus. I have 3 bird houses but there must be more nests than I can see. I think I had a baby humming bird checking out the feeder this morning as well. It was so tiny. Keeps me busy this backyard. Just watching. I had to chase the deer just a little to get him out of my flowers at 10 last night. There is lots of other things to eat in the backyard other than the flowers. lol (lazy mornings) I love that pic of Dal & Jevan. Love ya.

DaviMack said...

Commenting seems to work from this end ... and I've even got the option to be "anonymous" if I wanted to. If your commenter has an old blogger login, though, that could be their issue. Or not.

Love the birds! And, yes, that one does look rather young. We've one which looks similar, who investigates our caged ones.

Anonymous said...

How exciting that must have been. My mom would have run screaming, she's petrified of birds. She saw the Hitchcock movie and took it a little to heart I guess. She is appalled that I actualy make an effort to entice birds to my yard with houses and feed. Where did she go wrong? Love the pics of your little visitor.

Anonymous said...

You must be a bird whisperer or something!! I cannot believe the number of birds you have held in your hands! =)

These pictures are awesome - and how exciting for Sydney!