Sunday, June 10, 2007

2 Kids, 2 Birthdays, 1 day

Today Sydney (9) and Jevan (4) had a combined birthday party. Their birth dates are only four days apart and we waited until their older sister, Dallas, had a day off work so Sunday was the day! It was all family who was here, and I think everyone had fun.

Dallas & Jevan
We ate hotdogs, had a delicious cake, and mainly ate way too much "un" healthy stuff! When I baked the cake yesterday morning I used's hint and it came out delish! (Okay shoot me I used a "mix" but they are just so darn cheap and easy!)

Sydney picked out the colours and I did the decorating!

It took me about a month but I was finally able to get my hands on a Nintendo Wii, it's all worth it when you see your child's face at her birthday party! She really didn't have a clue she was getting it :) I hope she realizes she only owns 50% of it because her brother owns the other 50! Ooooohhhh I can hear the fighting already...

Then here's Jevan opening a gift from Uncle Frank, and yes that's Christmas paper because that's all I had and besides if Frank wanted something different for the kids then he should have gone out and bought some, or even reminded me to buy some, what is it with brothers, are they not supposed to remind their older sisters (two minutes) of little details like this?... Okay I'll stop rambling, but darnit, I totally forgot about birthday wrapping paper. Ah well, I could have shoved everything into plastic grocery bags, although that wouldn't have been a first :)

Sydney and some "old" gal (gosh look at those wrinkles!) who is seldom on this side of the camera and who also forgot to put on makeup (or was she too busy? She can't remember), at least she's not wearing her reading glasses :)


alice said...

What a beautiful family!

tonya said...

sounds like fund was had by all. especially the b-day girl. that look on her face is priceless.

my kids are 10 days shy of being exactly 5 years apart. my daugter was born march 31 and my son was born april 10. i was so glad she didn't wait any longer to make her arrival. 2 april babies would have been hard on the birthdays, like march 31. but come to think of it the last day of march ain't that much better now is it. LOL

Oma said...

Wow!! That opened mouth look says it all. Most important to Jevan I think was the cake. His big cheese pic tells it all there. Even if I can't be there it is such a joy to share all the pic's. I think Mom did one great job and had fun too by the looks of all the happy faces. Just a little sore from helping with the Wii maybe? You look great Kansas!! Thanks for sending them. Oh and congrats to you on riding the big *bike* from town.
Loads of Love Mom

Sorka said...

Hey there beautiful!!! good to see yah!! hehehe
OOOH man see now I am thinking more about getting a Wii..It would break my no video games rule!! AHHHH

jackie said...

Happy birthdays to Jevan and Sydney! June is a great time to have a birthday! I know because mine was last week. I love the look on Sydneys face! That was one surprise that never leaked out!Good job.

Anonymous said...

I see you - finally!! =)

Happy Birthday to the children - what great pictures! The cake is beautiful (great job!) and the picture of Sydney's face opening her Wii is PRICELESS!! Yes, I love those pictures of my kids on their birthday/Christmas!

Our two oldest children have birthdays 11 days apart and we have co-celebrated more often than not - even now that they are adults. It made for a very fun, busy (noisy) birthday! =) Theirs are coming up in July.

BTW, the picture of Jevan in the pool is a great shot!