Thursday, September 27, 2007

Questions, Answers

Today I'd like to answer some of your search questions. That would be questions people type in a search engine and then come across my site. Some are down right odd and how they end up here is beyond what my imagination can comprehend so I'll stick to the ones I can understand and possibly answer :)

"Is there a soda cracker recipe?"
Well yes there is :) Right here, and it tastes just like a Score Bar, but if you are on a diet stay away... far away... And if you have kids you might end up in the bathroom...with the door locked... hiding... and eating... until the whole thing is gone... I warned ya :) After that, since you've blown your diet anyway, you might as well make Peanut Butter Cups.

"Can I use flavoured yogurt to make yogurt?"

No, or at least I'm pretty sure you can't. Your starter has to have live active cultures and be plain with no flavour. I've also had people search for yogurt made with pectin, I don't know why someone would want to add pectin to their homemade yogurt? I guess they think that if it will "set" jam it will "set" yogurt?? Yogurt doesn't really "set," it grows and those live cultures multiply firming it up but if you use pectin let me know if it turns out, I'm just a curious sort of gal :)

"Do I use the same temperature for drying fruit to make yogurt?"
Waaaay too hot! You'll fry those live active cultures faster than spit bouncing on a grill! Too cold is just as bad. You want to keep your temperature around 110-115 degrees.

"How do I find my missing hamster?"
Even though "Fluffy" escaped from her cage I'm not the wisest one to ask... we never did find her :( God forbid she's worked her way through a cereal box somewhere and is now the biggest hamster on earth!

"Green Popcorn."
On average I have at least three people a day searching for "Green popcorn." I was surfing one of my fav websites and she had posted a pink popcorn recipe. Because it was St. Patrick's Day the next day, I decided to make it for Sydney to take to school but colour it green instead of pink. Why anyone would want it other than for St. Patrick's day baffles me, are there other holidays between March & December out there that are green?

"My All-American canner lid sticks."
Mine occasionally sticks too and, along with Vaseline, I have a small handy dandy pry bar to get it to give, you can use a large spoon if you don't have a pry bar.
Quoted from the All-American manual: "Lubricate the metal-to-metal seal with petroleum jelly or Vaseline to prevent the cover from scratching or sticking. Apply a thin film of lubricant to the edge inside the cooker where the inside wall begins to bevel out. Use just enough lubricant to wet the edge, but not enough to actually see it. Place a similar amount of lubricant on the threads of the bakelite wing nuts and also on the metal face around the opening."

The funniest search was someone searching for "Poor Man's Souffle." Not realizing who's site she had clicked on she couldn't believe how similar the recipe looked to hers and that the ingredients were pretty much identical... no it wasn't me but someone who taught me how to make it :) Hi Mom!

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Have a great Friday because it's almost here :)


Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention Poor Man's Souflle because I thought of making it a couple of days ago. Couldn't remember how. so was going to wing it and discovered I had no crackers in the house.
Thankyou as I put the recipe on my page. Off to Cambell River this morning and are staying over night. Auntieb

Mom said...

Hi Kansas....
It was just as funny to find Poor Man's Soufflee anywhere. :) It is still one of my favorites. It was like a staple in the kitchen to us when you were young. And you still are. :) "young" that is and gorgeous to boot as well! and terrific!
I just have to mention the Peanut Butter cups and the Score Bars. These are just the best!!!! You gave me the recipe for Oh Henry Bars as well. I don't dare make any of these when I am alone. They are all quite addicting and they just seem to disapear all to quickly. :) mmm mmm good. Beleive It!!!

Love Ya!

Auntie Frances said...

Hi Kansas
I like Lumps but for a name I like Linus better. I don't blame him for sticking his tongue out at you. (Lumps? :) indeed).
Finally figured out how to leave a comment.
Love From Auntie Frances