Saturday, November 17, 2007

Electric Fence, keeping the cows in

Yesterday, while trying to create this post, I get a typical phone call. It sort of went like this:

"Kans? Are you busy?" MIL (Grandma) asks.

"No not really, why what's up?" I reply. She wouldn't understand that I'm busy blogging, no how.

"Pops needs you for about 1/2 an hour to help move cows from one pasture to another." She states.

I think to myself, "1/2 hour" that's good for at least two, I know my FIL.

After moving the cows we had to string up an electric fence so if you all have ever been interested in electric fences, and want to see a brief introduction, read on. We use them to keep the cows in certain parts of the wheel line field. I probably don't need to tell you that cows don't like electric fences.

I meet up with Pops and he tells me I'm taking the four wheeler, fine and dandy, but I've never been on it before, not even as a passenger. Five minute lesson with a whole lot of "you'll be fine" and I'm away. I have to say, the man either has a lot of faith in me or there is no one else around (I'm going for the latter). Grandma is babysitting Cody, my cute as a button nephew, so her, Cody, and Jevan jump in "Red" and head out. I take the long way around just to get a feel for the bike.

Jevan madly waving at me.

I couldn't get much for pictures while actually riding the bike but here's the cows once they were moved. Things went so slick Pops even left me by myself and headed up to the electric fence. I guess I actually looked like I knew what I was doing :)

The bike is really a snap to operate, there's not even a clutch! I snapped this picture today because I didn't get one yesterday.

Cows are sort of funny, they remind me of deer, only much larger. You know that look when an animal abruptly stops and is listening, watching? That's what cows do, especially when my dog Blue is hot on my heels. They'll follow you with their eyes, and you'll hardly see their heads move.

So the cows are moved, we're now waiting on Pops... yes we're still waiting on Pops. A picture of Jevan and Cody while we're waiting.

I wind up the wire that was previously across the top part of the field and move it down. Jevan, Coders, and Blue must have run up and down this wire 15 times while waiting, oh well they'll sleep good.

Pops meanders over and hooks the whole thing together. He sends me off on the "two wheeler" because some of the cows have wandered to the top part of the field where it's a bit too lush and he wants them filling up on the other grass before heading up there. I can handle this bike, it's small and you can whip around like the wind. With Blue running along side me I have no problem moving the cows down, even though some of them are giving me "the look." My in-laws are probably looking at me wondering why on earth did their son marry someone who does not have a clue about ranching? Maybe they think I'm "trainable?" Or maybe not... either way I have given them grandchildren and Sydney & Jevan will probably know more than I by the time they are ten.

The system is hooked to a 12 volt battery and sends out an electric charge every two seconds. The older gals know what happens and you could actually lay the line on the ground without hooking it up and most of them wouldn't even dare step across it. It's the younger ones that unfortunately need to learn the lesson, but they usually only touch it once and they will remember it for years to come. The best height is roughly three feet from the ground, any higher and the cows can shimmy under, any lower and they will step over it. The battery will hold a charge for about a week but the cows are usually moved into another field before then.

Everything is charged and ready to go, where's the kids? (just kidding, they're in the truck). Pops tells me I can take the two wheeler home, he's sticking with the four wheeler, and I'm soon on my way back to Grandma's. It's a bit rough looking but here's the bike I was demoted to. Did I mention that this bike doesn't have much for brakes and the seat was wet? Next time I'm wearing ski pants and big boots.

Grandma and the boys coming down the hill. One thing I can say about riding a bike, you get back a lot quicker than anyone else :)

So I get bored waiting in Grandma's driveway and spot Jess's cat... and the cat spots Blue. Blue + Cat = bad mixture. Cat heads higher up the tree, Blue is told to sit and stay!

Instead of coming to her place, Grandma has driven over to my place so I trot home to meet her. On the walk home I thought the old outhouse looked interesting, although I've never used it, it's nice to know it's there just in case :)


Donna F said...

Hi Kansas......
This was a fun read and nice pictures. Of coarse the last picture is best.

Love Ya!

PatV said...


Everyday is an adventure at your house....Great pictures and I'm sure Jevan is learning lots!!!! No wonder your house doesn't get tidied..Too much to do outside.

jackie said...

This sounds like another fun day on the ranch. I've never been on a 4 wheeler, but I loved skipping around on the dirt bikes that a friend had when I was younger.

Anonymous said...

I so love reading about your days on the ranch! You seem to just take everything in stride!

The boys are adorable! And please tell Sydney that the picture of the deer is lovely, too!