Wednesday, August 27, 2008

He's not ready!

I could say "he's not ready" but I really think it's me who's not ready. I'm talking about Jevan starting kindergarten in one week. Just where the heck did the last five years go? Has it really been that long already... whoooooa I want a rewind.

I'm standing in Wal-Mart last Saturday with the kid's school list in my hand. Silent tears are bubbling up in my eyes. I contemplate throwing the list in the garbage and flying out of there, but I don't. I stay and fill my cart with 6 of these, 2 of those, 5 of something or others, and make a mental note of what's not there so I can find it somewhere else. There's mobs of people there, most have their kids with them and everywhere I turn I can hear "Mom...Mom.... MOOOOOM!" as the kids grab for the newest gear they can get their hands on. Thank goodness neither of my school age children are with me, except for my oldest who long ago graduated. This is the first time I've ever had to pick up school supplies for two children, so far I've only had one child in school at one time. This year is different... this year will be the last time I see one of my children start their very first day of school... this year I want to hold on to Jevan and never let him go...

I wonder how many Mom's feel like me? Are you counting the days until the bell rings? Or are you dreading that first day when chaos surrounds the morning? I wonder if next year will be better, when I have gotten used to both kids in school and I finally realize that I have no more children waiting in the wings for kindergarten?

A week today, five years in the making... sniff, sniff.

While typing this post yesterday the phone rings. It's the Kindergarten teacher with Jevan's schedule... Jevan's world just got a teeny bit bigger.

My little man on his first birthday :)


Baking Soda said...

Oh Kansas.... I hear you!!
This week my 12-yr old twins started middle school(high school whatever it's called). For the first time they are not attending the same school, one is going left, trying to find his way in between 1500(!) students, one is going right, biking 50 minutes to his school.
Two small boys, two large bikes and even bigger bags...and I'm at home, all these hours to fill with thoughts of keeping them safe, hoping they will eventually find their place and feel secure, try not to think about traffic. Yes, I hear you!

Kansas A said...

Baking Soda, Oh I would be in a tizzy! I'd secretly follow them in my car ;)

Anonymous said...

And a grama soon, a very young one at that.ab

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kansas! It will be ok! And...if you miss him TOO much, you can always homeschool! =) It is just ONE of the reasons I do. =)

The picture of Jevan is ADORABLE!!!

Oma said...

I know you will enjoy the time you have to your self but this is a sad day it is just so hard to let go. I know I shed a few tears just reading the post! I don't want him to change too fast either.

jackie said...

I am aprehensive for my eldest starting High School (over 1500)and for my boys start middle school, but I have no concern for my baby starting kindergarden! She is looking forward to it and is an outgoing and happy kid who has been going to preschool and play school for two years.
I am more then ready to let go a little bit. Part of it may be that the older kids have all gone to her new school and I know and like the teachers and LOVE her new teacher. And another reason for me may be that the school is in our neighbourhood and not a long way down the road by bus. Will Sydney be on the same bus as Jevan?