Monday, June 15, 2009

Woody the stinker

On Sunday I was heading for the pond to take pictures of the water lilies. It was a bust, and after seeing a snake hanging beside me in one of the trees and then suddenly leap into the water, the red ants EVERYWHERE, and the lilies hidden behind the willow branches making the shots difficult, I decided to head over to the barn and snap some pics.

I did manage to get a couple of pictures but nothing spectacular. I've never seen these flowers down at the pond before and when Sydney came up telling me I NEEDED to get down there and take some pics I thought I'd best listen to her :) I'm pretty sure they're water lilies but I'll have to ask Grandma to be sure, maybe she planted them there??

Water lily

I have no idea what kind of flower this is. Any ideas?

Purple flower

Woody is one of the horses on the ranch that I really like because he's quite the character. He's the first horse to run up and sniff you out, mind you I think he's checking to see if you have food :)


So I have my tripod all set up to take pics of the barn and Woody is in the way, more like his butt is in the way. "Move Woody," I tell him. Nothing. "C'mon Woody get out of the way!" Nothing.


Then I get this.


Yup he's a stinker all right, but I love him ;)

I really think my blogging is going to suffer this week because I have six separate trips to Lytton! Yeesh it's gonna be a busy week spending most of my time in the truck. Hopefully I see some bears, deer, or something exciting on the way in or back. I love that my Hubby left me a note on my laptop when he headed for work this morning "A little bit of driving but they'll love you to pieces" was one part... why didn't all this happen last week when he had the whole week off? I always threaten him that I'm going to get a job outside our home so I can relax ;)


Anonymous said...

That flower looks kind of like purple loosestrife, but I'm not sure.

Woody is cute! :)

Moonshadow said...

Always love your pictures and commentary but this one was definately a chuckler. Nothing like opinion from the business end of a horse. :)

Anonymous said...

what's the attraction in Lytton?ab

Kansas A said...

I checked out purple loosestrife and that's not it... Davimack has suggested Fireweed but I'm not sure that's it either. I'll have to take a closer picture.

I had a dentist appt. today, then had to go back and see Sydney's play at 6. Jevan also has a field trip where I have to take him to the school in the morning and pick him up after, then go back and pick Sydney up later that night. Plus a couple more trips in the week for Sydney's play again... way too much driving!

Anonymous said...

flower could be a camassia ab

Moonshadow said...

Kansas - I googled BC wildflowers ( that's what it looks like, but you have a far better picture than any that I've pulled up online. Here's something interesting about Fireweed....

Moonshadow said...

Guess I shouldn't have posted so quickly, here's another recipe...
"One effect of eating to much Fireweed is drowsiness. Alaskan Natives used Fireweed tea made from the leaves for stomach aches and for restlessness. The greens when young are tender and can be used cooked or in salads."

Anonymous said...

According to Bill Casselman's ( any relation)? Canadian Garden Words Magazine I would say it is fireweed. It looks like that to me. I love the picture of the Pond flower and the horses

dawn said...

I have a very part time job outside of home and I don't like going because all the stuff I have to do here but once there, it is relaxing and I forget all I have to do here.

Today C played tag with the donkey. The donkey chased her for awhile, but didn't like being it. Stubborn, those animals. Tomorrow we are expecting to get C's horse so hopefully C won't have to play tag with the donkey.

jackie said...

I was going to guess larkspur.
Woody is too funny!