Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bored, bored, bored

I could have titled my post: busy, busy, busy but chose bored instead.  I think sometimes we get doing things we don't want to do and it ends up busy but also boring.  For instance, this weekend was spent fixing things.  I spent a majority of Sunday under my kitchen sink, and believe me that is not a comfortable position to be in.  Hubby and I hooked up the RO (reverse osmosis) because I'm tired of having no ice... it's hooked into the fridge and for way too long it's been disconnected.  While we were down there I noticed a leak, isn't that the way it goes?  You fix one problem and discover another?  Along with the RO this past weekend we dealt with a leaky roof... in three different spots!  I have never seen it rain so much in Lillooet before!  This is absolutely crazy!  The rain has started to calm down but for awhile there I really thought we should've started building an ark.

So no pics of anything, I didn't even have time to go for a quick walk... grrrrh.

Today I said to heck with it and headed out the door.  I've been noticing a lot of magpies hanging around my truck and I wanted to know why.  I discovered Hubby had left the box of scraps from the pigs in the back... hence a ton of magpies flying about.

Magpie (by KansasA)

These guys can clean up scraps faster than the dogs!  You don't dare leave food out from a picnic or campfire because it's gone in short order.

Magpie (by KansasA)

After awhile not much scares them off and they just go about devouring everything.

Magpie (by KansasA)

As I was taking pics of the birds I heard something a ways behind me and saw one of the bulls.  He was looking at me like I was looking at the birds.

Bull (by KansasA)

The bulls are pretty calm around here but at one time I didn't know that and I remember the first time I had to feed them alone.  Everyone on the ranch was gone for the weekend except my BIL and myself.  He called from town and said he wouldn't be home until later and could I feed the bulls?  After telling me what to do I reluctantly, and nervously, agreed.  Visions of men in red capes with bulls charging them swam in my head, but I bravely headed down to the barn and went up to the loft.

I struggled to get one rather heavy bale of hay out the large window and drop it down near the feeder below.  I now know how to pick up a bale without much effort but I was pretty green back then.  Once I got the hay bale out, sweat dripping from my brow and sharp bits of hay stuck to my chest, I headed back down to take it over to the feeder.

I figured everything was going good because the bulls weren't paying much attention to me... that is until I picked up the bale and tried to get it over to the feeder!  They swarmed me!  I quickly checked to see if I had anything red on, nope, so why were they after me??  I have since been told that bulls do not see colour but when one is in a panic with massive bulls charging her she does not think logically.  I stood my ground, hollering at the bulls to "STAY where you ARE" and "LEAVE ME ALONE!!"  But did you know that bulls don't understand english?  And I don't speak bovine?  In the end I got most of the hay over to the feeder, but picture a mad woman hollering and clapping her hands in the air to keep the killer bulls at bay.  That night, while talking to Hubby on the phone, he told me the bulls from the ranch are nothing like I've seen on TV and they were just hungry for the hay... why didn't he call BEFORE I went down?!

For more pictures visit my flickr site.


Moonshadow said...

You needed to have all that rain when the mountains were on fire. You need to talk to the guy at the link below about an arc...


Beautiful pictures as always. Here's some pics to inspire you...

Kansas A said...

Wow Moonshadow those pictures are so stunning, inspire indeed! I would have a hard time choosing just one :)

Love the ark, I'll have to get the guy to come to Lillooet for our next rain :)

Anonymous said...

what is this bored thing. never say you are bored. Dangerous?? yes Woow hold on a sec here Kans. You do not look like that bull.

DaviMack said...

Great shots, as always!

Oma said...

Hi from the Clinic. Love the pic of the bull. They sure would scare me.

Love ya!
I hate these late in the day appt.

Lizzardmoon said...

I love your photos. You should sell some of them. The picture of the red bull in front of the blue truck is the makings of a professional print.
I love the story of feeding the bulls for the first time. It reminds me of being timid around the bulls on the farm I grew up on.

Kansas A said...

Thanks Lizzardmoon, you're making me blush :)
I'm not so bad around the bulls now but I still watch my back ;)

jackie said...

I remember the bull that we had when I was a kid. His name was Chicklet. Named by my sister and I because he was mostly white. And boy oh boy, was he a nasty bugger! He was kept in the bull pen but we always gave him a wide berth. Maybe it was because he was surrounded by lovely ladies that he couldn't have access to? In any case, they do things the AI way on the farm now. Sort of reminds me of a joke. Why do cows have such long faces?
On second thought, maybe I'll tell you later;-)