Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trying out Windows Live Writer

Jodi, over at MCP Actions, mentioned she was looking for something similar to Windows Live Writer for posting to her blog.  I remember trying it ages ago but I couldn’t upload my pictures way back when because of blogger issues, but now that I use Flickr I just might be able to.  I guess if/when you see this post it worked :)

So the first thing I have to see is if I can link a picture from Flickr.  I had to add a plug-in so now let’s see if this works.

Jevan reasoning with one of the pigs.

Pig Riding (by KansasA)

Well I’m not sure if it worked because I see a “This photo is currently unavailable.”  Copying the URL into a Firefox browser brings up the picture but I don’t know if I can trust that.  Manually adding the code seems to work fine (I can see the picture now) but I think this is not good for me because I would have to copy the code, insert it manually, and then it has to actually download into my computer for me to see it...  I’ll have to find a different plug-in :)  But if you have high-speed this would probably work great for you.

Another plug-in is Flickr Upload for Live Writer… this means if I use a picture from my own computer in a post it will upload to my Flickr account.  Here goes…  Okay that did not work.  The upload caused an error and closed the application.  Again this could be due to my slower satellite connection so I’ll try a smaller file size.

Day 1 Nov 27 2009 Science Fair 025

It worked!  I can see this plug-in will save lots of time but I need to reduce/resize my pics first :)  The above picture is the first day of Sydney’s science project.  She filled four jars with different solutions: Salt water, bleach, Coca Cola, and vegetable oil.  One rusty nail was placed in each jar… she then makes notes everyday about any changes that occur.  In a few months she’ll compile all the info and present it at the Science Fair.

Okay I’m off to play some more and see what other plug-ins work.  Hopefully you’ll see this post (fingers crossed).

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tanita davis said...

Syd came up with a great project!

Looks like this new system is working for you - and it worked, so great.

Oma said...

Looks great. oops gotta go.

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

Do you think maybe the kids are getting to friendly with hamlet and porkchop? They should be just about due for the freezer.ab

DaviMack said...

New software. Hmm. Don't like that too much. :)