Saturday, November 14, 2009

Snow, snow, and way more snow.

I missed last weeks assignment over at DPS because of my broken internet... although I was on dial-up, there was no way I could upload a picture.  Hubby fixed the dish on Friday so now all is right in my world :)  This week's assignment is "sound or noise" and with Hubby coaxing Goofy I was able to get a shot that, I think, portrays "noise" quite nicely.

Cockadoodle doooooo! (by KansasA)

Yesterday we had our first touch of snow... actually it was a bit more than a touch but thankfully it didn't last.

First snow 2009 (by KansasA)

Early this morning, just as daylight was breaking, Hubby and I took a drive down to the river, and then up to Kirby Flats along the powerline road.  This is a shot of a neighbouring ranch; Foster Bar, on Highway 12.  This time of year the fog lays quite heavy above the river and every morning slowly rises to cover our whole area.

Foster Bar Ranch on Highway 12 (by KansasA)

Looking north heading down towards the river.  A teeny bit of the sun is visible on the mountain and that's about all the sun I've seen today.

The Fraser River looking towards Lillooet. (by KansasA)

Coming back up from the river we head for Kirby Flats. 
The snow is pretty heavy up there.  I sort of knew what we were in for and put on two shirts, two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, a scarf, one glove and one fingerless glove so I could still run my camera... but next time instead of my rubbers (gumboots) I should wear something with a bit of grip because, yikes alive, it was slippery walking on the road!

Heavy snow (by KansasA)

Half way up the powerline we ran into a tree blocking the road.  Visions of backing down this steep, slippery, snow covered, one lane road almost made me start hyperventilating!

Tree across the road (by KansasA)

I thank the Lord that I live with a logger, especially when he's packing his chainsaw.  (Wiping sweat from brow).

Chainsaw (by KansasA)

In short order he's got the tree all cut up and if anyone is looking for firewood it's piled alongside the road :)

Chainsaw (by KansasA)

Brrrrr I can feel that cold snow down his back!

Branches and snow flying! (by KansasA)

It's pretty clear up where we are but the fog hasn't made it up yet.

Clear mountains (by KansasA)

Coming back down, and dipping into a bit of a valley, the snow gets really thick.

Cold and snowy on the way down. (by KansasA)

Stopping at one of the fences alongside the road, all I can think is how heavy the snow is and it would be perfect for building a snowman... but the kids are back home snug in their beds.  Next time we are leaving later so the lazy's can come with us :)

Wet, sticky snow. (by KansasA)

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Anonymous said...

I didn't realize the rooster was so bright red. We have been cool here but that looks like a lot of snow. Keep it up there. Those photos tell it all Good job..

Little Ol' Liz said...

It sure is beautiful up your way. And I'd have to say I know a couple lady-pals that would be envious of that Real Man you're married to. There are lotsa males, but few Men.

Lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

I get so lost in your photos! Like I'm there....... They are wonderful. The picture of Sydney in the barn is so BEAUTIFUL! No snow in Chicago land yet, Soon I'm sure. Glad you got your internet back, I go crazy when mine is out for any length of time!


Kansas A said...

LOL, okay Liz I won't be sharing that tidbit of info with my husband, it just might go to his head! :)

Thanks Cama, and yes it sure feels good to have my 'net back! :)

tanita davis said...

Oh, what a classic rooster shot! Can believe it's already snowing; it suddenly turned cold here. The gorgeousness of the sky in contrast to the clouds is one of the best things about cold weather, and you've captured it. (Also, watching someone get snow dumped on them while you're safe behind the camera, and dry? Another good thing.)

Like the fence shot.

Oma said...

Love the picture of Goofy.
From Mom at the BCCC.

Love Ya!

krista said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your pictures! Especially the ones with snow....I love this time of year and I have been waiting for our first snow....well, it finally snowed yesterday, but I have been stuck in bed for 48 hours with the stomach I didn't even get to venture out into the snow...but your pictures are a nice reminder of what I'm!