Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another trip to Kamloops

As you’re reading this I’m on my way to Kamloops and I was just there one week ago.  I have to say the stores were great last week… no crowds, no line-ups at the till, lots of parking for my 4x4 long box truck (amazing!) but I have a feeling that’s not going to be the case today.  It’s Dec 2 and that, my friends, is just getting too darn close to Christmas.

The reason I went last week was because I had my eye on a new machine called a Cricut, made by Provocraft, a couple quick calls and I found out that Wal-Mart had them in stock, with a hundred dollar rollback, Michaels was 200 dollars more!.  This thing is pretty cool and if you’re crafty you can make a ton of things.  Okay the name of my blog is “Canadian Crafter” but I craft in different ways; knitting, looming, embroidering, etc.  As for making cards and such, I suck… big time.  My problem is I can follow a pattern but coming up with ideas on my own I find really tough.  I wish I could buy a bottle of “how to make cards and scrapbooks look pretty using your own ideas” because I swear some of the designs I’ve seen I wonder how on earth these people come up with them!

After making a few cards I have truly learned that when I see the humble little card in someone’s showcase I will gush and gosh over it as much as the elaborate ones because that card took as much thought, and time, as any other one.  I tried last night to make a card similar to one I saw at another blog… she quotes “This is a quick and simple design if you are wanting to make a quantity of holiday cards.”  Uh?… “quick and simple”? it just may be if you have creative juices flowing from your brain to your fingers because it took me about an hour and my card did not look like hers at all!  I’ve never before used some of the craft products that I bought when I was in Kamloops, but after getting sticky adhesive on the front of the card (look near the dot above the j) and then using my finger to try to remove it, leaving a dirt mark on the front that would not come off… well you get the picture… another card for a family member who wears thick glasses or perhaps needs glasses. ;)

But I will not give up, darn it!  Today I will buy baby wipes to keep beside my craft table and use them often.  Maybe I can find a full bottle of creative juices while I’m there too? ;)

Cricut Cards 010


Little Ol' Liz said...

Oooooo! Lucky girl! I was tempted by the ads myself, but new medical bills say no way, or at least not right now.

You know you can cut fabric (quilting!) or vinyl, right? (Think cute rear window decals or decorations for the wall that leave no mark when removed.) I know you'll be a busy Crafter -- enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Had quite a laugh about the glasses, it sounds to familiar, after so many birthdays, I may not put mine on again. at least when I look in the mirror. ab

Anonymous said...

Just have fun with it