Friday, December 4, 2009

Love Hate with the Cricut

I’m liking this Windows Live writer, it’s making me post more :)  … the card making with my new Cricut?… not so much.  I know for next year to start my cards in January because I spend waaaay too much time on a single card.  I’ve come to conclude there is no such thing as “quick and simple” when paper, glue, and scissors are involved.  Did I just say that?  Jevan has been learning paper, glue, and scissors for the last two years in school and me, at my age, is cursing it!  Maybe I should pop into his kindergarten/grade 1 class for a few hours?  I promise to leave my pointy scissors at home :)

Sydney, on the other hand, is loving the Cricut.  She will sit there for hours using all my specialty paper, my new glue adhesive, my new pop dots, etc., etc.  It got to the point when I had to tell her to start using scraps or I wasn’t going to have anything bigger than a 5x7 left!  Lately she’s been making mini paper dolls to take to school.  Really cute and fancy… okay she didn’t inherit those skills from me, but her Dad is really good with a chainsaw so maybe she got the creativeness from him?

I try, really I do, colour coordination is my downfall, but give me a sewing machine, or let me set up a computer for you, or asked me to make yorkshires, or, or… Anyhoo, here’s my latest creation, take your glasses off. ;)

Snowman Card 012

When I was in Kamloops I popped into Michaels (I really think they should rename it “Costco for Crafters” ‘cause ya go in for ONE thing and come out with a bundle!).  Along with my bundle I bought a couple of 6x12 inch mats for the Cricut.  Did you know that 6x12 inch mats don’t work in the Cricut Expression?  Well now you know.  Funny how, in all my research, I didn’t read that little tidbit of info anywhere, and believe me I’ve been to tons of sites!  I ended up cutting the ends off and using them sideways, seems to work, but only for small stuff.  I would have bought the 12x12 mats but for some reason I cannot find them in Michaels (twice I’ve looked and the sales person at the till was no help).  They have the 12x24’s but not even a space for the 12x12’s, I find it odd that they don’t sell them.  Wal-Mart has a space for them but of course they are long sold out :(


Moonshadow said...

I don't know what your problem is with the card, I think it's lovely. Very cheerful. I think you're just to critical of yourself.

The problem with 'things' nowadays is there's too many choices. Nothing is universal. Even computer programs, I have some MSPublisher files that I just found out I can't open because the newer version doesn't support the older version files. :( Not nice.

Anonymous said...

You are having fun and you are very artistic too.. ab

Anonymous said...

cute card!

Anonymous said...

very nice.

Balsamroots said...

awe I like it!!

Oma said...

I am looking forward to getting one of your cards! I think they are great.

Love Ya!

Alicia said...

Actually, You can use the 6X12 mat on the Expression, you just have to turn it sideways so the 12 part is entering the machine to catch both rollers. I do it all the time for small projects. Your snowman card is adorable and you should be proud of it! I call my projects "First Grade Art" as I feel like a first grader when I sit and glue the pieces together, LOL Love the mugs as well, I made a ton of them last week- so quick and easy. *Hugs* Alicia

Janis said...

Your Santas are spectacular and this card is gorgeous too!

As for the Cricut mats -- buy the 12 x 24 and cut them in half. They are usually only a few dollars and you end up wtih 4 mats instead of 2.

Love all your beautiful creations. Still looking around . . . :)

JustYolie said...

I agree! They should rename Michaels!! LOL