Sunday, February 14, 2010

What can make a man flinch?

A friend from town brought out two calves today.  The calves needed to be castrated by hand because they didn’t have the elastic bands put on their testicles when they were first born and they are much too big to have it done now.

Pops, Doug, Randy, Mike (holding the rope in the background), and Hubby (who is off to the side holding the rope and not in the pic) all get involved.

Checking it out (by KansasA)

My BIL, Doug holding down the first calf.

Doug (by KansasA)

A shot of antibiotics.

Pops (by KansasA)

Pops is quick and gets the job done.  I think at this point all the men squeeze their legs together and flinch.

Almost done (by KansasA)

Lloyd, Randy’s Dad, shows up just as everyone’s ready to head up to Grandma’s.

Lloyd (by KansasA)


Mikey said...

Ahh, that's always a good time :)

tanita davis said...

Not just the MEN flinching, here! *DUDE.*

Anonymous said...

That poor cow... ab

Balsamroots said...

BUMPA!!!! I haven't seen Lloyd in sooo long! He looks like he's doing well! despite the crossed legs. ;)

jackie said...

Made me flinch too.

Anonymous said...