Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dentist & Fog

It hasn’t been a great week.  Not much in the picture taking mode at all.  The reason?  Fog… and lots of it… not just in the mornings but all day long!  It makes everything seem so blah and dismal… when oh when will Spring get here?

The sun peeks out.

Sun peeking out (by KansasA)

Last year these mountains were ablaze with fire and smoke, now they’re covered in snow and clouds.  If you look close in the picture below, the only smoke now comes from someone’s woodstove.  This picture is a view across the river on the Texas Creek side.

Highway 12 (by KansasA)

Yesterday I drove into Lytton because both Jevan and I had dentist appointments.  Yup my boy has his first cavity and got his first filling!  Ugh!  He was doing so well too, both kids had gone quite sometime without any cavities but, alas, Jevan has shattered the record.  Nick, our dentist, said it was probably “improper” brushing because I’m fanatical about the kids brushing AND flossing.  Growing up I had never heard of flossing and brushing wasn’t a high priority in our household.  Both my sister and I had terrible teeth.  My brother got off lucky, because I seldom remember him ever getting a cavity, but I wasn’t blessed with the genetics of great teeth.

As I turn my truck off of Highway 12, onto the Main Street in Lytton, I immediately stop at the crosswalk.  Two children are standing on the sidewalk waiting to cross.  Perfect timing, because it’s Jevan and Sydney!  When they spot me their faces beam and their little hands frantically start waving away.  In a split second Sydney’s face goes from joyful to stoic.  Her right hand clenches tightly around her brother’s, she raises her other hand high in the air in a “stop” motion, and, with a look of determination, steps into the street to swiftly cross the road.  To anyone else this may not seem like such a great feat… but in that second I realize just how much Sydney protects her little brother.  There’s no running ahead, no “I’m gonna get there first,” Sydney is growing fast and her first priority has always been to watch over her brother.  I’ve taught my children to never hit and only exchange kind words with each other, something I’m sure they will carry with them into their adult years.

The kids take the shortcut but I have to travel down the street and turn at the hotel.  I meet up with them a few minutes later at the front of the office.  They’re excited to see Simone, the receptionist, who’s always happy to see them.  She pretty much allows Jevan to feel right at home… at one point he packs his chart into the waiting area, spreads his x-rays on the carpet and gazes over his dental records.  I’m sure he has no idea what he’s looking at but he’s happy… and how many kids are happy in a dentist office?

Jevan & Simone (by KansasA)

Jevan was first in the chair and after he was done (thank you Nick for being so patient!) both kids head back up to the school  As I wait my turn in the dentist chair, I stand at the window watching Jevan and Sydney.  They have no idea I’m watching them, and I see Sydney spin her brother around, pop his mouth open and “inspect” Jevan’s new filling.  He patiently waits while she prods his mouth, then she zips his coat, grabs his hand and off they run.  Two best friends, brother and sister. :)


Anonymous said...

Far beautiful now than seeing them ablaze.... ab

JustYolie said...

Ah sweet siblings! {smiles}

jackie said...

Nice! Wonderful in fact! Two of my kids bicker almost constantly. When one or the other is gone from the house for whatever reason, peace reins.

linda: off the loom said...

So sweet that brother and sister love each other so. I hope Jevan's filling was a white composite. Silver fillings crack the teeth over time. I just had a molar extracted because the silver filling damaged the tooth beyond saving. I was devastated.