Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sydney, Keauna, & Cinnamon

Sydney had a friend from school, Keauna, stay over for the weekend.  This afternoon our daughter bugged Hubby until he headed up to the Pond field and coaxed Cinnamon with a bucket of oats so the two of them could ride.

Keauna told me she’s rode a horse but never a pony.  I think the only difference is size, don’t you? :)

Here’s a bunch of pics from the day.

Lift that leg! (by KansasA)

Cinnamon gives a jerk and a shake and it surprises Keauna!

First time on a pony (by KansasA)

Cinnamon needed a bit of coaxing, I swear she’s the most stubborn pony!

Cinnamon needs coaxing (by KansasA)

Sydney has such a laugh on her face!  I smile just looking at this picture LOL. :)

Splittin' a gut laughing (by KansasA)

I tell the girls you have to let Cinnamon know you’re the boss because “Miss Stubborn” will walk all over you.  They seemed to do a bit better and here’s a shot of them all running fast!

Running fast (by KansasA)

Yup, they’re getting the hang of it now!

Gettin' used to it (by KansasA)

After the blanket was hung up and the saddle put away…

Saddle put away. (by KansasA)

…we head over to see a new calf but we were surprised to find one born only minutes before we got there.

Cow and newborn (by KansasA)

Between putting Cinnamon back into the Pond field and driving over to see the new calves, I had an extra lens crammed into my jacket pocket.  As I hopped into the truck I felt the lens let go and tried to grab it before the door slammed shut but all I heard was the sound of glass breaking!  I calmly turned to Hubby and quietly said “I don’t even want to look.”

He replied with “They make ‘em everyday Honey.”  I think he could see the tears welling up in my eyes.  :(

I forced myself to open the door and look…

This is my newest lens and all I can say is thank God for cheapy UV filters!  It truly did it’s job and saved the lens!

Broken UV filter (by KansasA)

Quick, run out and buy yourself some UV filters if you don’t already have your lenses covered, they are much, much, MUCH cheaper than buying new lenses!!  And while I’m out replacing my filter I think I’m going to pick up a bag or a tote or a fanny pack or something light to pack an extra lens safely… any suggestions? 

For more pics of the girls on Cinnamon visit my flickr site. :)
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tanita davis said...

Oh, your Honey is such a gift. "They make 'em every day," is the nicest, best thing he could have EVER said. I think you should do a bunch of pictures of him, so everyone can see all the gorgeous kindness in his face. (I'm sure he would see this as unjust punishment, however.)

Trust me -- if I dropped something that expensive, I would cry too, big, inconsolable boo-hoos for at least a minute or two. (Then I'd be pissed.)

Such gorgeous girls. The smiles - lovely! And the detail of that saddle was really lovely.

Anonymous said...

You live in such a great spot to raise kids. They are having a blast.. ab

Moonshadow said...

"I think the only difference is size, don’t you? :)"

So I'm guessing that you already know the answer? Their short gait makes them one of the roughest rides you could ever have. LOL Plus most ponies I've encountered really have attitude. That stubborness is typical. My best friend and neighbor when I was growing up had ponies on their grandmother's farm that we would ride. They were a cross between a Welsh and Shetland. Suppose to be abit more managable. Still a bumpy ride. LOL

For your camera equipment on the go, I've seen a lot of photographers us hunting vests...

Depends on how much equipment you're wanting to carry. Otherwise I think I'd lean toward a hip bag, something that doesn't hang loose.

Little Ol' Liz said...

Oh my gosh, I think my heart stopped when your lens fell out of the truck! I've never put much stock in UV filters for the old point-n-shoot, but I'm going hunting for mine now.

Bless your Hubs. He's one in a million. No wonder the kids are special, too.

Kansas A said...

Thanks Liz! :) I'm quickly replacing my UV filter and I don't think I'll be taking the lens out of the house until I get it! lol

Anonymous said...

Love to see the girls laughing..Obviously Johnny has NO idea how much the UV filter costs!!!