Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Butchering Day on the Ranch

One day; two cows, and two pigs… busy day.

Thanks goodness we have lots of helping hands on the Ranch because we did two cows and two pigs in short order.  Hubby and I drove the meat into the butcher toot sweet because it was way too warm to hang ‘em.

Mike, Brent, and Hubby.

Butchering Day (by KansasA)

Pops sharpens his knife.

Butchering Day (by KansasA)

My BIL, Mike, runs the tractor.  Bonnie, a first time watcher, takes it all in.

Butchering Day (by KansasA)

Grandma and Aunty Helen work side by side.

Butchering Day (by KansasA)

Brent, a friend who used to live at the Ranch long before Grandma and Pops bought it, always helps.

Butchering Day (by KansasA)

A good day’s work for all of us (although I mostly just ran my camera) but I did pitch in for one of the pigs. :)


Anonymous said...

That meat will make many good meals. I love fresh butchered meat, I remember when my parents raised there own meat it just had a great taste that store bought meat lacks.

Bonnie said...

What a busy time.ab