Monday, May 3, 2010

Branding 2010

Saturday was our annual branding for the calves and it was the quickest branding I can remember.  Gotta give credit and thanks to the two excellent ropers Les and Del!

A few pictures I’ll post here but the majority you’ll find at my flickr site.

These are my two nephews Dezmond and Mikey.  Mikey’s throwing the calf.

Branding 2010-16 (by KansasA)

Our brand.

Branding 2010-33 (by KansasA)

Del going after a calf.

Branding 2010-44 (by KansasA)

Les going after a white calf.

Branding 2010-51 (by KansasA)

Hubby tending the irons.

Branding 2010-39 (by KansasA)

My BIL Mike.

Branding 2010-36 (by KansasA)

Dezmond taking a calf on.

Branding 2010-27 (by KansasA)

Our neighbour Rick tries out Hubby’s gloves.

Branding 2010-11 (by KansasA)

Lee, a long time friend, jumps right in… unfortunately he also fell right over!

Branding 2010-24 (by KansasA)

Lee and the calf hit the ground at the same time.

Branding 2010-22 (by KansasA)

Les throwing his rope.

Branding 2010-9 (by KansasA)

Hubby brands a calf alongside his brother Doug (right) and friend Jeff (left).

Branding 2010-35 (by KansasA)

It was a great day with wonderful weather, lots of helping hands, and excellent food.

We finished up quite early and all headed over to Grandma’s for lunch.  I cooked a ton of sausage rolls and about 3 dozen cabbage rolls (one day I should blog my recipe).  Two friends fighting over who was going to take home the few cabbage rolls left made me feel good LOL!

For more pictures of the branding visit my flickr site:
Kansas A 




Balsamroots said...

great shots Kansas - I remember how we used to always look forward to branding! I love how you guys still rope them! very cool! and yeah - post the cabbage rolls!!! :)

jackie said...

Your guys are all rock stars! But I am still glad that I am not a calf!