Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pig Stew

We’re getting low on hog feed and Grandma has a ton of potatoes in her root cellar, so Hubby welded up a huge stew pot & stand and is making a concoction fit for pigs.

Pig Stew (by KansasA)

Along with barley from the barn and a few gallons of water the stew is actually turning out pretty good, although I’m taking the pigs word for it ‘cause I haven’t tasted it.

Pig Stew (by KansasA)

Love Hubby’s wooden spoon for stirring. :)

Pig Stew (by KansasA)

The pigs are enjoying it, and they actually got a bit testy when he skipped a day and gave them straight hog feed. :)

Pig Stew (by KansasA)

The other night Hubby lost a bet with me on the hockey game… he’s gotta cook one dinner, complete with doing the dishes up afterwards (this will be a first and we’ve been married for 17 years this year!).  It better not be his pig stew!!

For more stew pics visit my flickr site.



Aleryan said...

That is one impressive pot, LOL! Speaking of dinners, are you still using the Big Cook Cookbook?

Kansas A said...

Oh for sure! Love the Big Cook Cookbook and we just had the "Amazing Chicken" recipe (pg 58) tonight for dinner. :) Mmm mmm mmm

tanita davis said...

Pig... mash! Or something. Cool. It's nice that they are so easy to feed.

Oh, I am LAUGHING. Yay, you for winning your bet, and for being smart enough to get a meal out of it!! I do so want to see PICTURES of this great event.

David T. Macknet said...

Do you suppose you could take a video of the cooking process? It should be interesting! :)

jackie said...

Now I'm glad that I am not a pig too!