Saturday, July 24, 2010

Deer, Chipmunks, Hens & Chicks

The other day my nephew Mikey came and got me telling me there were two bucks on the top of the Horn Field and I should get over there right away to take some pictures.  I hopped in my truck and followed him over there leaving the dogs behind.  We spotted the bucks under one of the big trees.  I, oh so silently, stepped out of the truck and inched my way over there… their ears went up as soon as they saw me but I then noticed they weren’t looking at me…. I turn to look back and there’s Doolittle and Teddy hot on my heels!  Using hand gestures and a really stern face I directed them back to the truck (and that’s where they still were when I was done) heads hanging.  Well at least Blue stayed home because if he would have saw them I think he would have felt the need to protect me and started barking like crazy!

Deer on the Horn Field

Grazing Bucks (by KansasA)

Grazing Bucks (by KansasA)

I’m still waiting for a shot of “the big one” Sydney and I saw coming up from the river a couple of weeks ago.  MASSIVE buck, never seen one that big in my life!  Hopefully I’ll get a shot of him before someone else gets a different kind of shot. :(

Yesterday the kids and I headed up to a friend’s house because she’s out of town and she needed her dog fed & plants watered, and the kids were able to swim in her pool.  Just before we headed for home Sydney spotted a chipmunk in the backyard.  It sat still long enough to grab a few pics.

Chipmunk (by KansasA)

If you’d like the pic, with no watermark, for your desktop wallpaper feel free to grab the link here:

Sydney was playing with the hose and having a blast.  The weather has been really strange, hot for a few days and then brrrr cool so we are reluctant to put up the pool and we just might not if this weather keeps up.

Sydney with a hose (by KansasA)

Sydney with a hose (by KansasA)

And lastly I just had to share with you that my “Hens & Chicks” bloomed for the first time!

Hens & Chicks (by KansasA)

Hens & Chicks (by KansasA)

They look like little mini trees.

Hens & Chicks (by KansasA)

Well we’re off to the river today, hopefully the fish are running and the Fisheries are at home. ;)

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Megan said...

I like your thoughts and photos here, Thank you for sharing this one.

David T. Macknet said...

Wow, Kansas. Great shots!

Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

Wow, Kansas!! you are such fantastic photographer! Those deer shots are just about perfect and so is the chipmunk photo. However, my favorite is the middle portrait shot of the "Hen & Chickens".

I can't believe you are already getting chilly days. Wish I could trade you some of the near 100° temps we are having here in Georgia.

jackie said...

What great shots! But that comes as no surprise!
We have been having a long spell of unusually hot weather. Here we usually have about 2 weeks that are unbearable and we have had almost a month! I wish that we had a pool!
My mother has grown hens and chicks for years and I have never seen them bloom! They look like something out of Dr. Seuss!

Pamela said...

I like the photo shots, Looks really professional. I hope to see more. Thanks for the share.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the hot while we can as it will be gone soon. Magnificent photos. ab

dawn said...

Your photos are amazing. Just catching up on people I haven't visited in awhile.

Balsamroots said...

My chicks and Hens had a big stalk with flowers too.. I thought it was strange, I had never seen that before. Nice shot of Sydney. :)